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17 May 2012 @ 12:24 pm
Title: Rejection
Pairing: Doojoon/yoseob Gikwang/Yoseob
WordsCount: 2,071
Summary: Doojoon reject yoseob love and Forbid him to go to his house forever, now he don't have anyone else, that's was only he thought but for me, he have gikwang loving and protecting him on the back without saying it to yoseob
A/N: Ok sorry, i think this was only a brainstorm, so if you don't want a puzzle's word, don't read it. but please read and leave a comment, thanks~!


Doojoon shouted to yoseob that makes him flinch. “that’s why you aren’t allowed to go in my house” doojoon pushed yoseob out to his house. Still have an many question floating on his mind. Later on, yoseob hear a drop of water hitting the ground, he look up and he saw a million and million of droplets of water from the sky. “It’s raining” he stand up and start walking away, far away from the guy he love the most but now the guy he love is now rejecting him and throwing him away. His clothes are now soaked and he feel the cold snaking from his spine, He don’t know where he is going, he just let his feet carry him to where ever. Until he get to the park, he went to the bench and sat down there while he didn’t care about the rain. “Yoseob?” the man standing behind his back, saying his name not sure if he called the right person. Yoseob turn his head around to see the man who was calling him, “Yoseob!” The man was GIkwang, he hurriedly go closer to yoseob, “What are you doing here?!” Gikwang get the hand of yoseob and pull him to his apartment, Yoseob can’t make a respond because he was heart broken to what happen to him a while ago. After some moments ago, they finally reach gikwang apartment.

“Yoseob sit on the chair and wait for me”

gikwang went to his closet and get some pajama and t-shirt, He went to yoseob “Yoseob” gikwang waving his hand on the front of face of yoseob checking if he is on his body, after some up and down, gikwang shook yoseob on the shoulder to make him conscious  “huh” “Come here” gi kwang hold yoseob hand and went to bathroom. “Go on and take your bath” he shut the door close and went to sofa and sit there. “What yoseob doing on the park while it’s raining?” he thought to himself,  looking up into the blank ceiling. While many thought entering and leaving on his mind. After some moments, GIkwang notice that yoseob didn’t finish his bath, usually he is the fast bather to us. He was curious so he check yoseob on the bathroom. He open the bathroom “He didn’t lock the door?” when he open it, he saw yoseob bathtub drowned on. “Holy Serpent” Gikwang was shock, he hurriedly get Yoseob and  put him on the bed, even he was drenched and the water still dropping and spilling from his clothes and scattering to the bed sheet.  He start his CPR and pumping yoseob’s chest, then he repeat his CPR, when his lips meet the younger’s, yoseob shut open his eyes. Gikwang was shock and release his lips from his but yoseob cupped Gikwang cheeks and kiss him again, Gikwang trying to escape from his kiss but he failed. He can’t escape so he just submitted himself to the younger, yoseob lick the bottom of lips of gikwang requesting for entrance and gikwang oblige him. After their kiss gikwang look at different direction “We shouldn’t do this yoseob, you are in love to doojoon, right?” Yoseob can’t make a respond, He recall what happen before he got in bench. “No” yoseob cut his taught.

Gikwang had his feeling for yoseob, when yoseob confess his feelings for doojoon and accept it, but he didn’t know that doojoon rejected yoseob and he find yoseob on bench while raining.,

“hyung, can I sleep here?”
“Yes, but first take your bath”

Yoseob went to bathroom and bath while gikwang change the bed sheet and prepare the bed, “I think I should take care of him for a while. Yoseob went out to the bath room, wearing gikwang t-shirt.

Yoseob went up stair seeing gikwang’s back and he hear sob, he stealth his move to hide his presence, “Wh-why i-I do sti-still lo-love hi-him?” he muttered it within his sob.

“I don’t have the rights to love him”
“because he love doojoon”
“It will become worsen if I confess my feelings”
“If he love doojoon, then i will be happy”
“It will be better to love him and care for him in friendly way”

Gikwang was sobbing on the front of the window while sitting on the chair. “I think should prepare our lunch” He wipes his tears away and stood up, when he turn around he see the bed sheets tampered a little and went there and fix it. He didn’t even think that yoseob hear him, he went down to kitchen and prepare their lunch, after some going-there-to-there he finish the food putting it on the table “YOSEOB!  Come down here, were going to eat” Gikwang Called yoseb while preparing their meal. Yoseob came down and went to the dining table trying to put a mask, “Ok let’s eat” Gikwang eat his food while yoseob staring him with blank expression.

“I hurt him so much, I know doojoon didn’t love me and I still love him, while Gikwang crying trying to accept the reality I didn’t love him”

“Hyung aren’t you not eating your food?” Gikwang cut the thought of yoseob and make him flinch the younger. “Sorry, ok I will eat” They eat their food in all silence scattering all over the house

“I think I should erase my feelings”

Gikwang thought to himself while having his another fake mask of being happy while crying inside. They finish their food and gikwang clean the table and get the plate putting it on the sink and start washing it. Yoseob can only stare to the younger back who was suffering since he know yoseob confession to doojoon, “I think I broke his heart a thousand times” he thought again.

Gikwang sealed his emotion to a box and buried it on the end of his mind, to make sure he will forget it, but when yoseob kiss him while he as doing his CPR, that kiss trigger his feelings toward to yoseob again. Yoseob drink the water on the glass and went up stair leaving Gikwang on the kitchen staring at yoseob walking up.

“If you go to me, I will never hurt you yoseob”

He mumbled with in his breath and letting a heavy sighed escaping from his lungs. After a moment he already clean the kitchen. Then he look at the whole house. “Aish, how many days ago since I clean this house?” he ask himself and go to the closet on the Stairs getting a mop and broom and he start cleaning the house. Yoseob take a peek of gikwang  down stairs checking what he has been doing. He saw gikwang cleaning the whole house.

“It will be better if I go to you instead of doojoon, so now I am happy”

He went back to the room and buried himself under the pillow, he did not realize that he was crying, thanks for the pillow the sound of sobbing was minimum so gikwang don’t hear it. Yoseob fell asleep while crying, while gikwang finish cleaning the house.


Gikwang clean the house because he want to divert his attention and seal his feelings again. He went up stair and open the door, he saw yoseob sleeping while his head is buried under the pillow. “Child” he sigh and he slid his hand to the neck and pulled it off to make yoseob lay comfortable. “You are so cute” he rub the younger cheeks and get some a pair of pajamas and a black boxer and went to bath room.

“He said I am cute” yoseob thought to himself, “I think he DO really loves me” Yoseob want more prove that gikwang loves him so much. He stare at the blank ceiling above him letting his tears keep falling from the corner of his eyes. “I should love Gikwang more than Doojoon” He let those words escape from his mouth.

Gikwang went out from the bathroom while rubbing his hair to drying it and went up stair, he  went to the other room and throw his towel and lied down to his bed, hugging the another pillow.

Yoseob open the door of another room slightly and peek. “He’s sleeping?” he open the door and went inside. He get the chair slowly and put it besides the bed where Gikawang laying . Yoseob hand caressing the messy hair of the man was hugging the pillow. “I am sorry, I should love you”  Yoseob muttered again within his breath

“Uhhh..~” Yoseob heard gikwang with pain on his voice. “Yoseob?” he turned around and he saw the younger sitting on the chair besides him. “What are you doing? I thought you’re sleeping  on your room?” GIkwang hurriedly sit and face to yoseob,

“Doojoon…. Doojoon”

Yoseob keep saying doojoons name and tears forming to his eyes and ready to fall. “What doojoon did to you?” gikwang asked the younger.

“Doojoon had….had… had rejected.. rejected me”
“He abandoned me and said that he don’t love me”
“He curse me and pushed me out to his house”

Gikwang saw the younger crying while wiping his tears using his hand and sobbing. “Sorry to hear that, but you still love him?” Gikwang asked yoseob,

“Yes, but I think he didn’t need me”
“Because when I with him, I hurt someone a lot”

“Who’s that?” Gikwang heart goes dugun dugun, “Who’s that one?’ he ask again. Yoseob stare at gikwang’s eyes to lock their glances.  “I think he know, who is he” Yoseob  look at the older Hazel orb who’s a bit confusing what yoseob talking. Gikwang was getting nervous as he said “Who is he” Who’s that he? Is he referring to me? Gikwang thought to himself but his thought went away when yoseob lean forward and put his lips to gikwang ones.

 Only a raindrop falling and hitting the glass window and roof making a small rhythm and sounds that makes them comfortable to each other, The cold of the room make them shiver and hug them each other to deepened their kiss. Protecting each other, so secure, so tender yet with cold feelings. GIkwang release his hug to yoseob and look at different direction.

“You still love him but you don’t love the one who’s loving you?”
 “No, you’re wrong, I love doojoon, but when he did that to me, it is like he erase my feeling towards to him, now I got no body else.”
“You still have me as you brother”

“Hyung, do…. D-d-do.. y-yo-you still lo-love m-me?”

Yoseob  questiong make GIkwang flinch and widened his eyes. “How did yoseob find that I have feeling for him? Shit did he listen to me a while ago?” he thought to him self, he felt a raise of panic and makes him unable to think straight. “I…” yoseob touch his shoulder that makes him shiver and move backward

“I am asking you hyung”

“Sorry to hurt you”  yoseob lean forward ang hug Gikwang while sobbing. Gikwang just patted him on the back softly “I’m sorry” “You don’t need to apologize” Gikwang hug yoseob tight to make him feel warmth. Yoseob continue his crying while gikwang cuddling him closer. “I love you, if it’s mean to let you go” Gikwang whispered it to yoseob. Looking up to see a very dim dark gloomy clouds and a million rain drops hitting the glass. Slowly his tears start falling from the corner of his eyes, because he love the man the most but he able to let him go free and receive a huge great sadness.

“now I am so a shamed that you love me”

Gikwang release his hug from yoseob and stare him at the younger orbs. “You are ugly when you cry” Gikwang said it while wiping the tears, yoseob hold the hand of gikwang, “I’m so-“ before yoseob can continue gikwang put his lips on the younger lips to shut him off.

“don’t say your sorry, I still love you “
“Ok, I Wuv you too”

Yoseob make his aegyo that make gikwang laugh and lay his body down with yoseob beside him cuddling him closer. “Sweet dream” gikwang kiss the fore head of yoseob while caressing it. Yoseob head was resting on the chest of gikwang “You too” They sleep into while listening to the rhythm of the rain drops hitting the glass.

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17 May 2012 @ 12:04 pm

Title: Confession
Pairing: doojoon/yoseob
WordsCount: 535
Summary: Yoseob confess his feeling to doojoon and doojoon was shock and stare at the younger.
A/N:This is my first Story so please be respectful, if anything got similar to your story that will be consider a coincidence. Happy Reading:)

~Yoseob POV~

“I love you”

I finally confess my love to him “are you serious?” he ask me with shock in his face. “yes” I answer without hesitation, he look into my eyes with his hazy orb. “Yoseob, I can’t accept your love” I love widened my eyes as he said that. ‘Oh~ okay” I said it with my voice hoarsening, I bow down my head and pelting my tears from falling from my eyes.” I’m sorry” I apologize and turn around. Tears are falling from my eyes and my vision started to blurred. I start walking to nowhere until I reach the rooftop. I look up to see clouds while walking towards to the corner and sat there while hugging my knees and crying.

~Doojoon POV~

“I’m sorry” yoseob apologize to me and turn around walking away.”What did I say?” I love him too, but why I can’t say it?”I can’t move my feet like I was pulled by the gravity, I just stare  him at his back until he is gone. as his body gone in my vision, I shook my head and hurriedly search for him.”YOSEOB!” I shouted his name again and again, waiting for his respond. I was worried to what will he do. I almost search everywhere still I can’t find him, there is one place left to go, I ran faster as I can going to the rooftop, I saw him in the corner crying while hugging his knees. “Yoseob” I called his name.

~Third Person POV~

Doojoon came nearer to the boy who was crying and hug him tight.” Huh?”, doojoon didn’t speak instead he release yoseob from his hug and  hold yoseob on his shoulder. “Bianhe, Yoseob” doojoon can’t look to the other boys eyes.”Waeyo? I am alright” but to be blunt, yoseob was crying inside his heart. “I love you” “Mwo?” doojoon was blushing like mad when he said the 3 words. “What did you say?”  yoseob ask again even he heard what doojoon say to him, he just want to hear it again.

“I.. I… Lo-love… love.. You”

Yoseob was blushing, “hyung, look at me” “I can’t” doojoon can’t look to the eyes of yoseob because he was ashamed.

“Can you close your eyes?”
“and don’t open it until I said ok?”

As yoseob close his eyes, doojoon cupped the younger cheeks and lean closer. “Open your eyes not” when yoseob open his eyes, doojoon kissed the younger soft and warm lips. Yoseob widened his eyes because of the scenario,  when doojoon mutually parted their lips, yoseob wrap his arm around doojoon neck and kissed him again. Slowly closing their eyes appreciating the romantic moment, as well as doojoon.

Doojoon lean closer to yoseob to deepened their kiss, yoseob back was leaning against the wall while hugging his hyung. Their chest was touching each other, feeling their heartbeat was in rhythm. After some moment, they mutually let go.

“I’m sorry to lie to you, I love you”
“I love you too”

Doojoon sat next to yoseob, the younger cuddle closer to doojoon. Doojoon wrap his arm around the younger body and landed a kiss on the forehead while watching the skies.

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05 March 2012 @ 10:18 pm
Title: Solace of Survivors
Length: one-shot
Author: M_K Yujji
Rating: G
Genre: mild slash, AU, movie-fusion/xover
Pairing: Doojoon/Yoseob
Warning: RPS
Disclaimer: Though real people are used as characters, this fic bears no resemblance to their actual Real Lives and these people are not owned by me.

Notes: This was written for prkjae for her donation to the Help the South charity auction. It took longer than expected and I apologize. Hopefully you enjoy it!

Though you don't have to have any familiarity with the movie I Am Number Four to read this, it will make things make a vast bit more sense if you've seen it. And besides, it's a good movie! Go watch it! There is a possibility that I may write into the larger universe that this bit comes from, but not until I've got other things off my plate.

Summary: The responsibility is heavy, but Doojoon doesn't have to shoulder it alone.
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06 February 2012 @ 12:02 am
Title: Adding To The Noise
Pairing: Dooseob (Doojoon-centric)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is how Doojoon feels after Beautiful Show.
A/N: This picture plus my love for Dooseob inspired me to write this short story.

Doojoon doesn't really care because he's standing on stage surrounded by people who love him the most and oh, there's Yoseob right by his side.
23 January 2012 @ 01:31 am

Title: Forever
Author: leejaehwa7
Fandom: BEAST
Pairing: Doojoon/Yoseob
Rating: G
Summary: He wants to be together forever.

A/N: I wrote this with DooSeob in mind, but it can really be almost any pairing. I just felt like writing something to clear my head. Basically written from Doo's perspective. I hope you enjoy.

Read more... )
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03 January 2012 @ 03:00 am
Title: The Art Of Loving Yoseob
Pairing: Dooseob
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yoseob is a spoiled brat who craves too much attention. Doojoon is in love with him.
A/N: I've missed writing Beast so much, so here's some fluffy Dooseob. :)

Doojoon tells himself that next time, he won't give in so easily, but all of the members know that will never happen because whatever Yoseob wants, Doojoon gives.
20 November 2011 @ 01:54 pm
we are all scared of death
pg-13, future!au

and feeling the cold metal of his gun sinked a little into his palm.
05 November 2011 @ 12:47 pm
Title: Kiss
Author: M_K Yujji
Rating: g
Genre: humor, first kiss
Pairing/Characters: Doojoon, Dooseob
Warnings: RPS
Comments/Notes: written for snb123's prompt of maybe something about that "kiss" doojoon gave to yoseob at the inauguaration? The kiss in question, in case you didn't know, is here - http://youtu.be/-OG_sitQOkw - complete with the 'mating dance' that led up to it and Yoseob's reaction afterwards.

Summary: Doojoon wasn't sure what possessed him...

Title: Just Another Day at the Office
Author: M_K Yujji
Rating: g
Genre: umm... I have no idea.
Pairing/Characters: Doojoon, Yoseob, Hyuna
Warnings: RPS
Comments/Notes: written for xiia0chloe's prompt of DooSeob♥ CEO/Secretary It doesn't quite go into DooSeob romantically, but I can see the potential. Maybe I'll make it a 'verse some day.

Summary: Doojoon likes his job... honestly.

Notes: Also! Watch my video for KPop Masters, okay? lol. ^_^
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06 November 2011 @ 02:26 am
Title: Stockholm Syndrome: Last Symptom
Author: fairybubbly
Pairing: Dooseob
Rating: PG-13

Stockholm Syndrome: First Symptom
Stockholm Syndrome: Second Symptom
Stockholm Syndrome: Third Symptom
Stockholm Syndrome: Fourth Symptom
Stockholm Syndrome: Fifth Symptom

Summary: It was a dangerous game of captive and captor.

“Live as Yang Yoseob with me”
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29 September 2011 @ 02:17 am
Title: Breathless
Pairing: Dooseob (and Yoseob with each of the other members)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yoseob tries to find the perfect kiss.

Doojoon's kisses are the best of both worlds--steady yet hurried, soft yet passionate, romantic yet filled with lust.